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~Welcome to the poetry reading page!~

I frequently change the poems on here, and if you think you've missed a couple, just e-mail me and I will send them to you! The poetry on this page does not follow any forms etc. it is free and only sometimes does it rhyme. This poetry is written by the creator of this page, and if you are found to be passing off as your own, be prepared for serious ass kicking! If you'd like to submit your poetry for viewing on this page, send it and a brief bio to the creator of the page! She acccpets all submissions.

Intimate Stranger

you left me alone when all i wanted to do was show you how much i really care. you said it was necesarry, you really couldn't stay. so i laid out in the grass naked and read my future in the stars. i stayed until you came back. you told me that you loved me, that you couldn't live without me. we talked about life, love and forgiveness, i worked through the alphabet of feelings, and the grammar of my fears. it felt funny to be free of my burdens, just to be free. i felt as if i never really knew you before tonight. i found my intimate stranger, lying naked in the moonlight, reading greek in the stars.


rain falls at my feet and it reminds me of the tears i cried when i realized that i can only write when i'm lsad, lonely and depressed. happiness brings me no inspiration, my heart has to be cracked open, and then the poetry runs out like a river into the ocean. but when i'm around you, a new kind of poetry flows from my pen. ink can't keep up with the waterfalll of emotion annd inspiration that controls me right now. the poetry of your kisses, like sweet summer rain falls like snow onto a mountain from my mind to a blank page soon to be flooded. flooded with the words i can't speak outloud, it's a language no one else would understand. i want you to touch me now, and tell me i'm the one you've been looking for all your life. moonlight streams down and i see you in the shadows. if i had a balcony you'd be my romeo. mystery seems to shroud your past, it just makes me want you more. your flesh against mine reminds me of a gentle summer breeze, and my mind goes blank from enjoying one moment that will flow into another and another until the end of time. i feel like a madwoman, i want to run into the street and scream, but it would shatter a tender moment like an empty champagne glass crushed by an angry fist. i feel so tired, like i could sleep here in your arms like i was floating off on my final journey with fire arrows shot at me to send me off with honor. lucky dog at my feet, trusty lover in my arms. time can only dictate how much of my intensity i can share. i hope you can give back as much as i need and still have the will to live. there are a thousand things you'd die for, but you'd rather stay here. safe in the arms of passion.

Dancing in the moonlight, head full of thoughts. Dreaming of a tomorrow that might never come. I can see your face in my mind. Time, torture and passion, don't forget to mention insanity-the temporary kind And just don't forget or drop from your heart our sweet memories of days not too long ago.

The sun warms my bare feet as I sit in the sand and watch the waves roll closer and closer. It's nice to be able to have this five minutes of peace before the rest of the world wakes up. I love being able to think without the noise of our modern cities in my way. Being able to feel the water touch my toes just drains all the stress away. Pure joy watching seagulls find their meals. Rapture having all this beauty to myself. Warmth coarses through my body as I sip hot herbal tea. But what makes me happiest is knowing why I am so peacful. Sun, water and sand seem to pull every problem out of my head. Every time the wind blows I can hear soft music, island music, and it makes me want to dance . But I know I won't because I'm just so relaxed here on the soft sand. Voices also drift towards me, and I look around, but I guess they were just empty voices with no bodies to hold them. Thinking about the rest of my day brings me to my conclusion that I will be here. Probably until the sun rises again.
Nature's peace destroys the wars of my mind The tranquil waters ease my soul as I sit and watch the clouds wander by The crashing waves echo my troubled heart Days and nights go by as I sit and enjoy the calm before the hurricane I hear the distant rumble of a low thunder cloud And I wonder when this storm will hit The eye of the storm watches while I sit in the first of it's rains The air is full of electricity and it seeps into my blood like the rain into the soft sand Gentle and Accepting. the Wait is over

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