Make your own free website on've come this far......there's no turning back now! this is where i'm professing my love and admiration for jack kerouac, my absolute favorite Beat author. i don't know exactly why i love kerouac so much, it's just kinda like his books are a part of me.....they touch the rebel in my heart. not that i'm a good little girl, but i believe that there's a part of everyone that would love to just take off and roam the country. jack is the hitchiker in me. he's also the part of me, i think, that makes me drink too much, but we won't go into autumn's party stories.......*smoke time* ahhhhh.......much better. but, back to what i was talking about. jack's just cool. after i read 'on the road', i was exhausted!!!! i was amazed at his ability to write like he talked. i felt like i was racing down an open highway with him and neal cassady, and meeting all of the crazy people and getting high right along with them. it was a very cool feeling. and after reading other books, i had those same feelings...climbing the mountain, discovering buddhism, partying just a tad too much. it's all very cool and amazing! you should try it! ranting and raving is done for, have another cappucino.

road    trip,    anyone?

if you'd like to join me in a road trip retracing the journeys of kerouac get a hold of me by dropping my a students with open minds and hearts only!

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