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Welcome   to   the   Social   Corner   of   the   Mud   and   Honey   Cafe

Okay.....we all go to chat rooms, and most of us end up meeting really cool people. At the Virtual Irish Pub I've met a couple. My cousin Lucinda makes it there when she can, but she's usuallu at WBS Chat. But.....back to what I was rambling about before.
Madviking-very cool guy. I don't know exactly what to say about him, except that he's a lady killer. and he's kinda special, considering that he isn't just looking for cybersex all the time.
The Grim Peeper-very very very sweet guy. He's funny and pretty much understands everything, which in my case is a big plus!!
On to the WBS. I chat at the pub and WBS as Autumn Rose21. Sometimes no 21, but, I'm easily recognizable. I'm usually the one wreaking havoc or starting the polls at WBS, but at the VIP, I'm quite quiet and subdued unless my bud Sugah Kitten is there.
WBS People that rock.....

WOLFWITHREDROSES-another lady killer.....what's up with these guys?
Joy Division13-an artist, athlete, smartie, sweetie.....too bad he's 2 years my junior....but a girl can dream. Oh yeah...he's cute too.
Tweed Kitten-I haven't really talked to her all that much, but she's cool in my book cuz she's a Beat reader!
PluckyDuck94-very cool lady! She's kinda my partner in havoc wreaking and sex polls....and her baby is adorable!!!
Hey!!!! I'm just now adding this on, but hell, whatever. A few of us Sanua-ites are also on ICQ. And we decided to do a whole freaking webpage about it, listing our nnumbers, telling you stuff about us. Which to be perfectly honest is stuff you really need to know anyway, cuz dammit it's important! I swear! can check us out right here! And you can download ICQ or just find out what it is at the Mirabilis Homepage. Which I suggest you do!!!
And that pretty much covers it. If you are a chat friend of mine, and you'd like to tell me that I forgot about you, drop me a line. Do the same if you'd like a link to your page added. This is the final destination in the Mud and Honey Cafe....if you've liked what you've read, tell me about it by clicking on the e-mail linky-do-hickey thing. I'd like to hear comments!

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